Rename of Thomas Jefferson Middle School after the Obamas is opposed by Latinx activists in Illinois town

One of the Chicago suburbs is in high confusion as the residents are confused and opposing the rechristening of the school name.

The district school, which is named after Thomas Jefferson, has been undergoing a proposition to change its name. This thought has been backed by a majority of Wauhegan’s residents. residents. However, the new name of the school has not been finalised either.

Initially, the new name for the Thomas Jefferson Middle School was supposed to be Barack and Michelle Obama Middle School. Even though many people back this name, many people are against this name as well.

As for the community members that are present in Waukegan, Illinois, along with many other Latinx activities are the main people to oppose the new name. In their defence, they pointed out how the former president Barack Obama handled the deportations. Oscar Aries, a district school graduate and a native of Waukegan, pointed out on Tuesday's school board meeting that the immigrant community was subject to hostility during Obama's reign. As for the new alternatives, they suggested the names such as Dolores Huerta and Cesar Chavez Middle School, and John Lewis Middle School. The name Daniel Webster Middle School has also been proposed by the school officials.

A major part of the student body is taken up by Latinos In the recently conducted school meeting, the demonstrators portrayed that former president Obama earned a “deporter-in-chief” reputation during his reign. This resulted in hostility towards the immigration advocacy groups. Even though the records are not exactly clear, Obama is said to be directly involved in removing millions of people from the US. Among Waukegan Public Schools, the Latino or Hispanic students comprise over 78% of the students, among which 55% are residents of Waukegan. According to Census data, the city has over 30%, foreign-born people. The community that is opposing the rename of the middle school after the Obamas state that many decisions of the former president directly affected the people in the city. Thus, it would only be a painful reminder of the school gets named after the Obamas. Julie Contreras, a local activist, stated that if the name of an oppressor is removed from the school, then it should not be renamed after another oppressor.

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