Key Points in PM Modi’s Visit to Bangladesh

On Friday, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi landed at the Dhaka airport on his trip to Bangladesh. He was invited to be a part of the celebrations that will take part in Bangladesh following their 50th Independence Day.

The Key points in PM’s visit to Bangladesh are as follows-

1. Visiting The Memorial for Bangladesh’s National Martyrs

The National Martyrs’ Memorial which is located in Savar Upazila, Dhaka, was the first place visited by PM Modi on his trip to Bangladesh. All of the freedom fighters who gave their lives in the Liberation War of 1971 were duly honoured and commemorated.

PM Modi also took part in planting a sapling, and he was accompanied by his personal guards and Bangladeshi military personnel as well.

2. Talking With the Foreign Minister

The foreign minister of Bangladesh, AK Abdul Momen had a conversation with PM Modi, right after his commemoration of the Bangladeshi martyrs. The main topic discussed in this talk was ways for developing and strengthening the relationship between Bangladesh and India on different matters. These included bilateral strategic partnership, equality, trust, and sovereignty. It focused more on the two countries understanding their part and doing it nicely.

3. Joining in the Celebrations of National Day

After the discussion with the foreign minister, PM Modi’s next stop was at the National Parade Grounds. Here, he took part in the celebrations that started with respect to the National Day celebrations. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who is also known as the Father of Nation of Bangladesh, was awarded the Gandhi Peace Prize 2020 by PM Narendra Modi. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was not present to receive the award. His daughters Sheikh Rehana and Sheikh Hasina.

4. First Foreign Trip for PM Modi Since Covid-19

After the onset of Covid-19, this was PM Modi’s first foreign trip. Previously, PM Modi was going on international trips to strengthen the relationship of India with foreign nations. With the interruption due to covid, this has been PM Modi’s first overseas trip in a while. The main aim of this visit was to put aside the differences that awakened with respect to the controversy regarding the CAA and NRC bills.

5. Outreach of India’s Vaccine

 Another important aim for PM Modi’s Bangladesh is to provide outreach for India’s vaccine. Around two million doses of the Oxford vaccines put up in India were gifted to Bangladesh on January 21. All of these vaccines have been developed and are licensed by the Serum Institute present in India. A case of vaccine diplomacy has been reached by India, where many of the neighbouring countries are gifted vaccines by India. Bangladesh is also one of them.

6. Delegation Level Talks are to be held by PM

On the next day of PM Modi’s trip, there are scheduled talks with the PM of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina. The major aim of this talk is to strengthen the tie of India and Bangladesh to the next level. It can be viewed as a celebration of the uniting of two neighbouring nations. At the same time, it can also help in reinforcing the strategic ties within the nations in a much more comprehensive manner.

7. Orakandi temple Visit

PM Modi also has scheduled a visit to the Orakandi Matua temple on March 27th. This will cover his visit to a place that has significance to the Matias, and can, in turn, affect the Bengal election polls.

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