Is COVID-19 A Bioweapon as per the Novel The Eyes of Darkness? Dean Koontz's Novel

The novel which has led to a social media storm is the book by the American Novelist Dean Koontz entitled “The Eyes of Darkness”. This book has shocking statements that have similarities with the widespread Coronavirus or COVID-90 or Wuhan-400.

The Eyes of Darkness is a thriller novel and it was published in 1981. 

The novel is a story of a mother & a son. The mother sends her son, Danny on a camping trip with a leader. The leader has led this type of camping trip 16 times without any difficulty before but on the 17th trip, everyone on that trip die the driver, campers & the leaders, everyone.

The mother couldn’t believe this and with her new friend, Elliot Stryker, tries out to find out what could have possibly happened on the day that her son 'died'.

In the book, on page no.  333 a character explains “Wuhan-400” that it has a 100% fatality rate & it has the tendency to wipe out a city or country. It is so strong that it has an incubation period of 4 hours. 

The character explains that China has a biological weapon named Wuhan-400. It is called Wuhan-400 because it was made in RDNA labs outside the city of Wuhan. And it was the four-hundredth viable strain of man-made microorganism created at that research center.

The book further states that it is the perfect biological weapon and it could survive outside the human body. It doesn’t affect any living creature other than human beings. And when the host dies the Wuhan-400 perishes in a short span. 

Dean Koontz's

Here are some facts about the book that are directly related to COVID-19 or Wuhan-400:

1. The book was published in 1981 and the sum of these four digits is 1+9+8+1=19, & the Wuhan-400 first appeared in 2019.

2. Page 333 has information about COVID-19 and 333 is the bases of RNA polymerase protein used to reconstruct coronavirus phylogenetic. 

3. The COVID is explained in chapter39 and 3+9=12, the Wuhan-400 first appeared in the 12th month or year 2019 that is in December 2019. 

4. Wuhan-400, the 400 is the result of 20x20 = 2020, the year in which it is widespread across the globe. 

Here are some dissimilarities between the facts that the book has and the actual COVID-19:

1. The incubation period according to the book was 4 hours while that actual incubation period is from several days to two weeks.

2. In Koontz’s novel, the Wuhan-400 is a human-made biological weapon while it is not human-made. 

3. In the novel, the virus has a fatality rate of 100% while in reality, it has a fatality rate of up to 2%. 

4. The novel states that it has an incubation period of 4 hours while in actual it has an incubation period of two to twelve days. 

5. According to the novel, the symptoms are that it literally eats away brain tissue like battery acid dissolving cheesecloth and its actual symptoms are  Fever, Cough, Shortness of breath.

Amid all these facts the author of the novel Dean Koontz didn’t respond to this yet. 

Whatever the book and predictions are you all have to be careful as WHO has declared Coronavirus as a pandemic.

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