How A Face Mask Will Protect Me From Coronavirus?

COVID-19 started in December 2019 and the first case was registered in China. From there, it started spreading in the entire Wuhan state and reached in many countries of the world. Now, there are almost 221,891 CoronaVirus cases and almost 8,999 deaths in the entire globe. 

China > Italy > Iran > Spain > Germany > USA > France > South Korea > Switzerland > UK > Netherlands > Austria > Belgium > Norway > Sweden > Denmark > Japan > Malaysia > Canada > Australia > Portugal etc… This is the descending order of virus cases in various countries across the world. 

India has 174 cases of Corona Virus until now and 5 new cases. 3 people have died because of the virus and luckily, there is zero serious or critical case. 

 However, many states are locking down for the sake of safety from the virus. Bit, you are not safe until you start taking personal hygiene seriously.

World Health Organization suggests that people across the world should wash their hands after touching anything or anyone. 

They also suggest to Wear A Mask while stepping out of the house. 

Wearing a mask is important for the following reasons:

• It keeps you safe from polluted air that might contain the virus in it. 

• It prevents you from touching your face

• A person near you could be infected and you could inhale the infected air. Masks work as a shield to impede such particles from entering inside your body. 

• If you have a cold, cough, or you are sneezing frequently, wearing a mask can prevent the pandemic from spreading. 

• It prevents you from spitting or smoking on the road 

• It avoids you putting food inside your mouth directly 

• If someone in your house is diseased or might have the coronavirus symptoms, wearing a mask could be the right way to protect yourself from getting infected

NOTE: Don’t touch the front of the mark even if you have washed your hands. When you are removing the mask remove it from the behind and don’t touch the front at all. Throw it in the dustbin directly. Then wash your hands with alcohol-based soap. Also, ensure that you cover your mouth and nose with the mask and there is no gap between the mask and your face. 

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All you can expect from the face mask is: 

  • The mask here has 2-ply protection 
  • Earloop 
  • Easy to breathe through the material      
  • Can be used for professional as well as personal care 
  • The mask is lightweight, soft, and easy to wear 

Whether it’s about air pollution or COVID-19, these masks will keep you safe in every possible way. 

The government is locking down several states and might halt courier services as well. So keep your stock ready for the useful face masks. 

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