All ASI-protected monuments, central museums across India to be shut till March 31: Govt

As the no. of cases of COVID-19 is increasing in our country. So the government is taking many steps to stop public gatherings.

The government has advised people to stay at home and avoid traveling. 

All schools and colleges are closed until March 31.

Malls, gyms and many other places are also closed. 

The government is taking as many possible steps to stop the COVID-19.

Union Culture Minister Prahlad Patal has announced to close the ASI monuments all over India until March 31.

"All ASI monuments and central museums will be shut till March 31 in view of the spread of coronavirus. We are taking this very seriously," Union Culture Minister Prahlad Patal announced.

There are 3,691 centrally protected monuments and sites under the Archeological Survey of India (ASI).

Monuments like the Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Hampi, etc. are closed as these are tourist places and people often prefer to visit these places. 

It is the third time in the history that The Taj Mahal is closed. It was last shut in 1971 when a war between India and Pakistan broke out and during the flood in 1978, it was again closed for a couple of days.

Amid all these measures people are advised to take care of them. Follow the safety measures as given by the government. 

Be safe and help the government to stop the effect of Coronavirus in our country. 

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