7 Reasons to Celebrate Holi 2020 in Pushkar | Pushkar Holi Festival 2020

Pushkar is a holy town near the Ajmer district of Rajasthan which is famous for the Brahma Temple and its annual international camel fair. It is situated between the Aravali range.

Nearly one million local and international people visit Pushkar every year. Pushkar has many temples and Gurudwaras. 

The main attractions of Pushkar are sunset point, Brahma Temple, Gurudwara, Savitri Mata Temple and its Ghats from where you can enjoy the pleasant lake view. 

When it comes to party Pushkar has the list of best parties whether it is a rave party or the Pushkar Holi party you are going to enjoy every moment.

Pushkar Holi festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm by the visitors and locals. The authorities have proper arrangements for the safety of the public. 

People enjoy the festival of colors with EDM music. The whole town is emerged in the mood of Holi from local to travelers each person enjoys this whole party vibe. 

The moment you enter the town on Holi you will get along with the festive vibe.

So if you are looking forward to celebrating your Holi 2020 in Pushkar than go on. 

Here are few reasons that why you Holi 2020 should be in Pushkar

Kapdaa Faad Holi


Pushkar is famous for its Kapdaa faad Holi. People tear clothes of others and roam around bare-chested. Don’t worry females are not included in this. Police make sure that females will not get included in such activities. 

Make New Friends

Pushkar is filled with visitors from across the globe on the occasion of Pushkar Holi.

Well, this can be the best time for you to make new friends from different parts of the world.  Make new friends from different parts of the world. You can apply color to any intruder by asking them. 

Music & Colours what else you need for Holi?


Dance on the beats of EDM and enjoy your Holi with the one of the best Holi party in Asia. Groove with the music and enjoy the thumping beats with your friends. 

Special Bhang Lassi


There is no alcohol in the town but the special bhang lassi will be one of the delicious taste of your life. 

The vendors arrange stalls for special “Bhaang Lassi” in the Pushkar Market. 

Proper Safety for Everyone especially for Girls

When it is a large gathering the authorities make sure to have proper safety arrangements for the public. Police are so helpful and make sure that no one will create any dispute.

Females are also safe in this Pushkar Holi festival.

But make sure that your safety is your first responsibility. Stay away from creep people.

Best Sights 

The Pushkar Holi will give you the best sights of your life. If you are a photographer then you will get the best content for the Holi theme. The roads and people totally emerge in colors where will you find such vibrant views.

Lifetime Experience

Pushkar Holi will be one of the best lifetime experience of yours. The music, lassi, colors, and people will make your Holi one of the best Holi experience of your life.

It will be such a good and exciting lifetime experience for you. 

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