Pushkar Holi festival is celebrated with full enthusiasm by the visitors and locals. The authorities have proper arrangements for the safety of the public. People enjoy the festival of colors with EDM music. The whole town is emerged in the mood of Holi from local to travelers each person enjoys this whole party vibe. The moment you enter the town on Holi you will get along with the festive vibe.

Donald Trump visited India on Monday. He was on a two-day visit to India with his wife Melania, daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner. 

He gave a speech at the Motera stadium, the world's largest cricket stadium.

Here Is The Full Text Of Donald Trump's speech.

India is an incredible country and the festivals which are celebrated in India makes it more incredible. You will find many different festivals celebrated in different states but festivals like Diwali and Holi are celebrated across India. So if you are looking for the best places to celebrate Holi 2020 then you might visit one of these places. 

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Facing a barrage of criticism from the president about the Justice Department, the attorney general offered a rebuttal on Thursday.

Attorney General William P. Barr delivered a sharp reproach on Thursday to President Trump, defending the role of the Justice Department in the face of the president’s persistent attacks.

The World Health Organization on Tuesday proposed an official name for the illness caused by the new coronavirus: COVID-19. The acronym stands for coronavirus disease 2019, as the illness was first detected toward the end of last year.

The party of Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India campaigned hard on issues of identity, with one minister urging crowds at election rallies to “shoot the traitors,” referring to protesters.

A girl will definitely provide some sign to someone she likes. It may be sometimes hard to determine whether a girl likes you or not. So if you want to know whether your girl also likes you then keep reading. Here we are telling a few physical signs that show a woman is interested in you. Don’t miss these.

Joaquin Phoenix sweeps the best actor award for Joker, Renée Zellweger won the best actress and Parasite wins the best picture.

So we are here with wishes for all days Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day and Valentine’s Day.

The doctor, Li Wenliang, had been silenced by the police after warning about the new coronavirus that has killed hundreds in China and sickened thousands.

They posted videos of the Les Misérables song, “Do You Hear the People Sing.” They invoked article No. 35 of China’s Constitution, which stipulates freedom of speech. They tweeted a phrase from “For Whom the Bell Tolls.”

It involves a red light hooked to a decibel meter, and the timer resets when harsh horns get too loud. Now, other cities are inquiring.

A report purporting to describe asymptomatic transmission in Germany has come under fire. But many experts still believe it’s happening.

Can individuals infected with the Wuhan coronavirus spread it to others even if they aren’t showing symptoms?

It’s one of the most important questions confronting scientists. If even asymptomatic people can spread the virus, then it will be much, much harder to slow its spread.

The VIVO IPL 2020 Player Auction list is out with a total of 332 cricketers and 8 teams. Pat Cummins becomes the most expensive player with a price of Rs. 15.5 crore.

Here is the full speech of finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman on Union Budget.Read the highlights of Budget 2020 here.

The Union Budget for the financial year 2020-21 will be presented by Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on February 1. The preparation of the Budget began with a customary Halwa ceremony on MondayTo prevent any leaks before the Union Budget, the Finance Ministry officials, who are involved in the preparation of the Budget documents move to the basement of the North Block and remain cut off from their families for around 10 days..
The number of known cases of the new virus rose by nearly 60 percent overnight. A shortage of test kits has led experts to warn that the real number may be higher.

Billie Eilish sweeps 5 awards in 62nd Grammys 2020. She was the first artist to sweep the top awards since Christopher Cross in 1981. Here is the list of Winners of Grammys 2020 along with nominations.

When your hair grows, melanin is injected it, by itself which gives it(hair)color. With age, the amount of Melaninthat is injected into each strand of hair gets reduced, which is why it turns gray and eventually white.

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Releasing the study 'Time to Care' here ahead of the 50th Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF), rights group Oxfam also said the world's 2,153 billionaires have more wealth than the 4.6 billion people who make up 60 percent of the planet's population.
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